Sponsorship Packages

We are happy to introduce our sponsorship program being offered by the ABC North Florida Chapter. This program will allow you and your company to sponsor a wide variety of events at one yearly price. Participating in this program will save your company time and money, and allow your company's name and logo to be visible at several events throughout the year. As we prepare to begin advertising our events for the year, selecting a sponsorship package early in the year will allow your logo on our website, in our newsletters and on event invitations from the first day they are sent.

We thank you in advance for your consideration. Our hope is that these varied levels of sponsorship and price points will give your company maximum exposure. Sponsorship money helps fund ABC NF in our ability to offer first class events. Whether you have sponsored in the past or this is your first year in which are considering doing so, this is the best way to make your sponsorship dollars work.

Tallahassee Sponsorship Package

Pensacola Sponsorship Package

Both Cities Sponsorship Package